Formative Assessment 3 US 10313

Appendix D: Sample Service Level Agreement

This sample SLA is for guidance only and it is not intended to be a ‘model’ for a working SLA, but to highlight the principal contents of such a document. Professional advice should be sought when drafting a formal SLA.

Service Level Agreement


Our Help Desk Company Ltd (OHC) And

The Customer’s Company Ltd (TCC)


Scope of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This SLA is intended to cover all aspects of the service (the ‘Service’) provided by Our Help Desk Company Ltd (‘OHC’) to The Customer’s Company Ltd (‘TCC’) under The Help Desk Support Contract commencing xxx xxx xxx.

‘This SLA should be read in conjunction with The Help Desk Support Contract (‘The Contract’) dated xxx xxx xxx. All Terms and Conditions of the Agreement shall apply to this SLA unless expressly specified to the contrary. In the event of conflict between the Agreement and this SLA, the provisions of the SLA shall prevail.

Purpose of this SLA

The purpose of this SLA is to provide information to both parties so that: The levels of Service to be offered by OHC to TCC are quantified

OHC’s level of Service in fulfilling The Contract can be measured.

This SLA does not form part of the contractual agreement between OHC and

TCC and may be updated as required to account for changes in the levels of service required. Regular meetings will be held to discuss amendments to this

SLA and no amendments will be binding unless agreed in writing by both


SLA Period

This SLA will remain valid from xxxx until xxxx whereupon it will be automatically renewed unless either party agrees to its termination.

Early termination of this SLA can be effected by mutual written agreement at

any time.

Location of Equipment and support offered

OHC will support the hardware and software currently located at TCC’s main plant at Little Dumberley, North Eshire in accordance with the attached schedule of Supported Hardware and Software.

The Service offered is summarized as follows:

  • Management of the 3 PC network servers, their operating systems, attached printers, CD-ROM units tape units and uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Management of the 220 PC workstations, applications software and attached printers.
  • Management of the PC network cabling systems and associated networking equipment.


The Service does not include

  • The supply of hardware or software, hardware maintenance, disaster recovery facilities, office equipment and supplies, consumables or user training.

Service Review

During the period of the Agreement, service review meetings will be held approximately every two months. The meetings will be held between the OHC Support Service Manager (who will chair and document the meeting) and the OHC Technical Support Manager. Other representatives from either side may attend, with prior notice, as required.

A meeting agenda will be generated and distributed at least one week before the Meeting.

Customer responsibilities

The customer will endeavour to:

  • Provide a schedule of projected work loads for the service to be provided. The schedule should be updated regularly to allow planning for future capacity.
  • Give advanced notification of internal changes which could affect the OHC service.
  • Give notification of personnel changes affecting contact points.

Escalation Procedures

The OHC Support Service Manager will be notified immediately when a particular service level has been breached.

Call Reception

Calls will be logged into a system which will record who made the call, a problem/enquiry summary, the date and time of call and the priority agreed with user.

The ‘OHC Help Desk’ will attempt an immediate resolution of the call, but if this is not achieved will allocate a person to take responsibility for resolving the problem/enquiry.

The ‘OHC Help Desk’ will be responsible for progress chasing the problem/enquiry, feed-back to the caller and closing and recording actions taken on the system.

The ‘OHC Help Desk’ will be responsible for tracking the problem through to satisfactory completion. If the originator of the Help Desk call is not satisfied with the progress of a call or the response offered, they should first contact the OHC Support Service Manager.

Service levels

Help Desk Service

Operating hours:      08.30 – 18.00 Monday – Friday excl. bank holidays

Maximum calls logged/month : 800

Response targets

Priority A call clearance < 4hrs :   >90% Priority B call clearance < 8hrs :    >80%

Priority C call clearance < 3 days :   >75%

Server availability (06:00 – 18:00):   >98%

Supported Hardware and Software


MicroStart DOS V3.3 to V6.x

MicroStart Curtains V3.x, Curtains 95 and Curtains NS Workstation

WareNet TN network operating system.

MicroPerfectPro applications software suite


All other PC software not listed is unsupported


PC Servers

3-off PH Supaserva Pentium 166, 64Mb RAM, 2Gb Disk, 8GB DAT Tape streamer

Network equipment

All network infrastructure cabling as installed on xxx xxx xxx and as upgraded to a maximum of 250 points

22-off      Baycom 12-port UTP network hubs

Contact Points


Help Desk

Office Hours             01234 567 8900

Fax                        01234 567 8901

Out of Hours            01234 567 8999

Pager                     01111 123 3212

Support Service Manager

Office Hours             01234 567 8989


Technical Support Manager

Office Hours             01999 220 2222 Ext. 3233


Should OHC meet or exceed the response targets for Priority A and B Call Clearance for 95% or more of calls, measured over each calendar month, then the service fee remains unchanged. However, should the service fall below

95% of the agreed target, then the rebates listed below will be applied to the subsequent contract invoice for each service level breached.

Percentage of target achieved Rebate
95% – 100.00% 0%
94% – 94.99% 3.00%
93% – 93.99% 4.00%
92% – 92.99% 5.00%
91% – 91.99% 6.00%
90% – 90.99% 7.00%
89% – 89.99% 8.50%
88% – 88.99% 10.00%
87% – 87.99% 12.00%
86% – 86.99% 13.00%
85% – 85.99% 15.5% (Max)


Signed for and on behalf of OHC

Name:                                                                                         Signature:                  

Title:                                                                                           Date:                        

Signed for and on behalf of TCC


Name:                                                                                         Signature:                  

Title:                                                                                           Date: