You have been approached by a couple who are planning to get married in six months’ time. They will be inviting 600 guests to the wedding.  After discussions, they have requested you to

  • Arrange a venue for the wedding ceremony
  • Arrange the venue for the reception afterwards
  • The photographer
  • The flowers for the wedding
  • The band to play at the reception
  • The organist to play in the church
  • The drinks at the reception, including one bottle of champagne for each table
  • A three course meal for the wedding guests
  • Accommodation for three guests who need to stay over
  • Air tickets for these three guests from George to Johannesburg
  • Car hire for these three guests

On the basis of the information you gave them, they had the wedding invitations printed and sent out to the guests.  Three months before the wedding, you realise that that you gave them an incorrect time for the venue for the reception.  Their guests will have to wait for one hour after the wedding before they can go into the venue where the reception is held.