Case study: You have to arrange a team building event for your department.  The event will last two days and will include the following:

  • Day one morning: welcoming by manager, introduction and purpose of the team building exercise, discussion on effective teamwork at the moment in the department
  • Day one afternoon: physical team building activities
  • Day two morning: discussion of the previous afternoon’s activities and planning of the year ahead.
  • Day two afternoon: check out and return home


Do the following

  1. Contact a venue that does team building events and get the following details from them:
  2. Venues available. (2) 
  3. Menus available. There will be two people who only eat Halaal in the group.  You have to make sure that their needs are also catered for.  (2)
  4. Make sure that you get a layout of the venue, with tables, chairs, power points and available training aids such as OHP’s, white boards, etc. (4)
  5. Find out what the venue will cost and how much the deposit will be. (2)
  6. Send a memo to the department employees (1), quoting the venue (1) and stating various dates for the event (1), requesting their feedback about the most suitable dates. (1)   (4)