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Unit Standard 114076 Learner Guide

114076 LG Research a comp topic




Unit Standard Title

Use computer technology to research a computer topic

NQF Level





This unit standard is intended

  • To provide a competent knowledge of the areas covered
  • For those working in, or entering the workplace in the area of End-User Computing
  • As additional knowledge for those wanting to understand the areas covered

The performance of all elements is to a standard that allows for further learning in this area

Learning assumed to be in place

The credit value of this unit is based on a person having prior knowledge and skills to

  • Operate a personal computer
  • Produce presentation documents for business
  • Demonstrate ability to use the World Wide Web

Specific Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Specific Outcome 1: Plan the research of a computer topic

Assessment Criteria

  1. The plan identifies the topic, objectives, and scope of the research
  2. The plan identifies the time to be taken for the research, the research methods to be used, and the sources of information to be used
  3. The plan identifies the target audience, presentation methods, and the computer applications to be used for the analysis of data and the presentation of the results of the research

Specific Outcome 2: Conduct research of a computer topic using computer technology.  Internet, Other computer applications

Assessment Criteria

  1. The research conducted accumulates data according to the research plan
  2. The research conducted provides data analysis with conclusions
  3. The description of the analysis methods allows the validity of the analysis to be assessed
  4. Research progress is indicated at intervals by reports, according to the research plan
  5. The research conducted uses a computer application to analyse the research data

Specific Outcome 3: Present the results of research of a computer topic using computer technology

Assessment Criteria

  1. The presentation is made using the computer application identified in the research plan
  2. The presentation communicates summarised research data and conclusions to the target audience

Unit Standard Essential Embedded Knowledge

  • Performance of all elements is to be carried out in accordance with organisation standards and procedures, unless otherwise stated. Organisation standards and procedures may cover: quality assurance, documentation, security, communication, health and safety, and personal behaviour. An example of the standards expected is the standards found in ISO 9000 Certified Organisations.
  • Performance of all elements complies with the laws of South Africa, especially with regard to copyright, privacy, health and safety, and consumer rights

Critical Cross-field Outcomes (CCFO)

  • Organise and manage oneself and one`s activities responsibly and effectively
  • Collect, analyse, organise, and critically evaluate information
  • Use science and technology effectively and critically, showing responsibility towards the environment and health of others
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognising that problem solving contexts do not exist in isolation
  • Contribute to one`s full personal development and the social and economic development of the society at large by being aware of the importance of: reflecting on and exploring a variety of strategies to learn more effectively, exploring education and career opportunities and developing entrepreneurial opportunities